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About Our Team

We believe that every child has the right to an education an we will assist to make that happen in every way possible!

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The Originator

Paula Williams Ed.D

Paula Williams, Ed.D., is a supporter of education in communities. She serves as an Administrator Coordinator by day and manages nonprofits in the Chicago and Ferguson areas by night. She is a natural liaison and has never met a stranger. She believes someone knows someone who can assist with any situation and she never stops until the solution comes.


She uses creative methods to make Unstoppable Extended Hands (UEH) sustainable by submitting grants, winning pitch competitions, and fundraising through donors, organizations, and partnerships. She is determined to assist displaced children and families with becoming stable and self-sufficient.


She is a mother of two and a grandmother to three. She enjoys walking in various parks with the family dog, playing and reading books with her grandchildren, and spending time with her husband, the love of her life.


She is a member of the Shalom Church Toastmasters and serves as the Vice President of Education and the Area Director of District 18. She is glad to serve as the founder of Unstoppable Extended Hands, officially, since 2016, but the Good Work began in 2008.

The Unstoppables

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