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First and foremost, we would like to give a huge thanks to those that lifted their hands financially, sponsored and volunteered to do the good work in Chicago, IL and Ferguson, MO. We could not do this without you. xoxoxoxoxox


The 2023 year has been an exciting one for Unstoppable Extended Hands. We have lifted our hands again in a new area. The "Professional Reading Program", in March where we had the privilege to read over 120 children from 2nd to 4th grade. We had volunteers from the Bank Industry, Council woman, and Mayor of Ferguson; Higher Educator, Scientists to Automotive; Retirees. We also gave books that looked like the children in Ferguson. We had new volunteers join us this year for the essentials item giveaway and professional reading program. The children received underwear, socks, an outfit, warming items and books; toys. The parents received a special self-care package and books. We severed 45 families with an average of 4-6 children. Grandparents, single moms and displaced individuals were served. UEH has assisted many families with food insecurity. UEH has even assisted a single mom with going to see her son in prison, rides to the doctor appointment; emergency room visits and more. Yes, we are still assisting displaced youth with meals and the book scholarships for college students. 


Our children at Higgins Community Academy received outfits, socks and underwear; hygiene products; books and toys. Academic Mastery Academy received warming items and toys. UEH was able to give a Chicagoland Women's Shelter self-care packages, warming items and socks.


What does UEH hope to add in 2024?

We like to have a dinner for parents to celebrate them most parents struggle to give their children a birthday party especially if they are displaced. The parents are never celebrated.  UEH would like to be the change here. Take youth on an Historically Black College Universities (HBCU) tour especially males. Hold workshops parents enable parents on meal planning, anger management, depression and finance; careers placement, health-wellness and homeownership; business-ownership. Assist a displaced family with school age children receive their own place to live in (assist with the deposit we have learned depending on a parent's circumstance after the pandemic many are having to pay 1-2 months of deposit  even on section 8 plus background checks).


We had an educator leader tell us if the parents or caregivers are not whole and how can the children be? UEH would like to be the solution to this so our children can be whole and THRIVE.




Dr. Paula Williams


Unstoppable Extended Hands



Thank you for your support in 2022.


You allowed Unstoppable Extended Hands (UEH) to have an exceptional year serving low-income individuals. Our range of supporters from across the states has grown to include Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, and Montana.


In addition to the schools that we have been serving in Chicago and Ferguson, we have added and served two new schools: one in Chicago, a preschool-kindergarten program with 100 students, and one in Ferguson, a school that serves newborns-8 grade with 75 students. This December, we had the opportunity to support 61 families with children from the Ferguson area.


To our volunteers in St. Louis, thank you for the first extremely successful annual gift-wrapping party of over 350 toys, new clothing items, underwear, socks and hats, and gloves. UEH Board, new friends at HECSTL, and Forestwood neighbors volunteers wrapped additional 450 toys. Thanks to Arch Moving, Across Town Moving and Delivery, and Ferguson Post Office staff. Thank you for your hands, at the family giveaway and the Ultimate Cosmetology and Barber Academy, as we doubled the number of families that requested items from last year.


Please help me by giving a special thanks to our vendors that have stepped up to support parents with their own gifts this year. Please support our vendors as they continue to pour into multiple communities in various ways!


We worked closely with a single mom who was in need of a car. We started a GoFundMe towards the purchase of one, however, she ended up being given one! The funds that were raised went towards the car insurance and any repairs that were needed.


What’s new?

In Chicago and Ferguson, we have an opportunity for professionals to read to students at the new schools. Yes, I need your hands and voices.


Pick a book from bookstore, have the book shipped directly to you and ask your friends and family to buy your book for 30 students (so they'll have a book for themselves and can read along with you). If you’d like to be the first professional reader, sign up here.


What else?

UEH now has a donation button!


What’s next?

We will have our first online silent auction in March! This auction will support our efforts towards the Chicago student’s “Christmas in July” for their essential items (clothes, hygiene products, and PJs), toys, and books.


Remember: You are Unstoppable Extended Hands (UEH).



Dr. Paula Williams


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